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New IPTV Box With 1600+ Live TV Channels & No Monthly Payments.

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No Monthly Subscription  HD Video Resolution  1000s of Channels 

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American Digital IPTV Box

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International TV Receiver

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English TV, German TV, Greek TV, Spanish TV, French TV, Russian TV. Spanish TV, Persian TV, Italian TV, Russian TV, Portuguese TV, Indian TV, Dutch TV, Canadian TV, Arabic TV, Persian TV, Turkish TV, Greek TV, Bein Sport Channels, Qatar TV, Indian TV, Pakistan TV, African TV, USA TV, Europe TV, Canada TV and many more

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USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, S. America - Most Countries & Languages

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Easy to use & install internet TV streaming device at great price.

We recommend a minimum of 3.0 Mbps for HD content (1.5Mbps for SD). The average speed in the US is about 10 Mbps or more.
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American Digital Satellite IPTV boxes to watch 1000s of FREE TV channels, movies, sports with no monthly pay
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